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The Center for Performance Excellence designs, develops, and delivers customized development programs for pharmaceutical product management and marketing managers. The Center’s approach to the development of product marketing professionals is directed through an education, execution, and evaluation program of all aspects of therapeutic area and product management.

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These programs are custom designed to incorporate the company’s products and markets for relevance and immediate application. Programs are directed for the experienced marketer as well as those who are new to the pharmaceutical industry.

Corporations may enlist the Center using the CLONES™ Program for any of the individual courses or elect to design a complete product management development module. Individuals completing the Certificate of Mastery program may qualify to receive graduate business credit. This program includes courses presented over a predetermined period of time in order to prepare the participant for the continuing challenges of product management.

Delivery of course material includes a variety of team, on-site interactive instruction as well as computer-based, self-paced training. This rigorous product management course is a well-defined, focused, practical, hands-on approach taught by experienced professionals.

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