The Center for Performance Excellence offers a series of educational and development courses building a Pinnacle of Commercial Success. This program commences with the Foundation/Essential Skills followed by the Product/Manager/Therapeutic Area Manager Certificate Program curriculum and culminating with the Advanced Pharmaceutical Management Program.

In addition, a top tier program is designed as a “just-in-time” Executive Issues Seminar Series focused on strategic issues.

“4Tier” Program

>>  Foundation/Essential Skills
>>  Product Manager/Therapeutic Area Manager Certificate Program
>>  Advanced Pharmaceutical Management Program
>>  Executive Issues Seminar Series

Concurrent Themes

The Center’s faculty advance the philosophy that the “four” themes are woven into every development program. The themes below are not “isolated” courses, but are vital topics inherent to building effective business skill sets for all managers.

>> Leadership
>> Globalization
>> Ethics
>> Technology

Pre-Work and Participant Assessment

All participants will prepare for the courses with readings and market research prior to attending the classes. A therapeutic area/product -related assignment will follow each course and will be evaluated by the faculty and returned to the participant with appropriate commentary.
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